Chris Akrigg – The Water Cycle

I’ve probably said this before, but Chris Akrigg is my favourite bicycle rider of all time. I prefer watching him over Macaskill, his videos always have me glued to the screen. I’m not sure what it is; maybe it’s the fact it always looks like he’s having fun or the creativity in his riding.
I love the fact his videos always document a continuous ride rather than just random riding clips cut together. It seems more organic, more real. It also makes me think that these are just normal rides for Chris, this is what he does every time he goes out, it just happens that someone recorded it this time.
Another thing I love about Chris’ videos is how they are made. They are always shot so simply, one camera op, no crew. Just him and a guy with a camera. Maybe it’s because I can relate to that, it makes this level of film making seem within my reach.

His latest video was shot in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales and follows the water from the top of the hills to the sea. Besisdes the riding, there’s some epic steadicam work going on in it, something which could be easily overshadowed by the drone footage. Major props to Will Evans.
As ever, the riding is ridiculous. Sometimes it takes a few watches just for the riding to sink in. At first I wasn’t that impressed but on the second and third run through I realised just what Chris was doing. Nollie drop offs, pedal ups, up to fronts and balance beam tree lines all on a FULL SUSSER! None of these things are easy on the respective speciality bikes. Another great video from Akrigg. Enjoy!

Top Fives


Heard this on the radio and it reminded me of my first trip to The States. This had just come out and it was being played in between every other song on the local radio stations in Cali.

DnBethhs husky voice is amazing. I could listen to her all day.

I’d never really listened to The Streets before, but I bought the album from a charity shop for a pound and discovered I actually really like them.

At the moment I’ve got a load of classic trance CDs in the car. Heard this yesterday and realised I’d forgotten how good it is.

Classics On The Common

Every year I miss Classics On The Common in Harpenden. I usually find out it was on by seeing photos my friends have posted up the day after. This year I was a bit more proactive and actually looked up the date so I didn’t miss it.
My friend, Aaron and I took a wander about. There was lots of boring shit like Ferraris and modern Yanks, but I snapped some photos of my favourites. Enjoy.

I love MK2 Escorts, I think they look so much better than MK1s.



This estate was so cool.

I really like the paint job on this splitty.

I’ve got a soft spot for MK1 Cavaliers. My Dad used to have an estate. He ghetto fitted 4 seatbelts across the rear seat so all us kids could sit in the back and still all be strapped in.


Shame this was on bags and stupid wheels.

Can’t beat a Nova.

The only reason I like 8 series is because they are stupidly cheap. This one was on NOS.

Don’t see many of these around anymore. There was 2 or 3 at the show.

A Bath.

While we’re on the subject of silly cars, here’s a Lotus Carlton. Love these!

I secretly like these, even though they’re French.

This Chevette saloon was really nice. We used to have one when I was younger too. I thought it was cool at the time because it didn’t have any seatbelts in the back.


I’d love to build a hotrod one day. They look so simple, not to mention cool.

This Capri was powered by a Chevy lump.


While we’re on the subject of Yank tanks…

There had to be a Cossie in the set.

This one’s for Leo. Hijet converted into a mini splitty.

Lovely standard 500.

This was absolutely mint. It looked like it’d just rolled off the production line. A bit of a shame to think it probably never gets driven.

This was a first for me. Lancia Montecarlo. Never heard of it.

Loved this. Possibly my favourite, hard to decide with so many cool cars in one place though. This was fully track prepped.


Again, have no idea what this is but it looked cool. It had AC badges on it.

Finally, this’ll be me soon. I just bought a Vespa!

There’s a few more on my Flickr, if you’re interested.

Raphaël Pöhams EUC Photos

EUC (Extreme Unicycle Championship) was held in Hungary recently. I really wanted to go but unfortunately I left it too late to book flights.
Mark Fabian organised it and it looks like the event was amazing. Unicycle media guru Raphaël Pöham took some sweet photos, click the picture to check them out.

One Wheel Revolution

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to understand why I ride a unicycle.

Yes, it’s extremely niche, difficult to learn and there’s hardly anyone to ride with locally, but this video explains perfectly why I ride and continue to do so. And the best thing? I know most of the people in the video. There’s no elitism, the top riders aren’t put on some ridiculous pedestal like many other sports. I love unicycling and I’m proud to be part of our  global one-wheeled family.

Really well shot and put together video by David New. Respect!

Top Five Playlist

I spent some time putting all of my previous Top Five Tunes into a Youtube playlist. There are a couple missing as the tracks aren’t on Youtube.

I’ll add tracks every time I do a new Top Five post. You can see the playlist below.


Martyn Ashton – Back On Track

‘With riding bikes again, honest truth is, I was never like ‘Oh I’ll never ride a bike’ and then someone said ‘Maybe you can, Martyn!’. It’s just like, I guess because of the people that bike riders are, we’re just like ‘I wonder how we’ll do that.’ It was almost fun straight away, I was instantly like, ‘I’ve gotta learn how to ride bikes again, so that’s going to be pretty funny.”

Martyn Ashton talking about the inevitability of him getting back on a bike.

For those of you that don’t know, Martyn was a professional trials bike rider. He sustained a life changing back injury during one of his shows in 2013 and is paralysed from around the waist down.

I knew it wouldn’t be long until he was back on a bike. The only thing I didn’t know, was how he was going to do it. Yesterday I found out.

Watching this video makes me so happy. Seeing him having fun on his bike with his mates. I think it captures the essence of what is fun about cycling. Freewheeling downhill with your mates, laughing and getting sketchy.

The interview is definitely worth a watch too. I love what he says about bike riders, because I feel that it does reflect most of our personalities. Most cyclists are definitely doers. Martyn isn’t letting his disability stop him and it’s an inspiration to see. I can’t wait to see him ride that cup course.

Luton Demonstrations – Photoset

I’ve been half looking for a subject to try out some photojournalism for a while. When I heard about the Britain First march through Luton, I knew it would be a great opportunity to shoot some photos.

Yesterday, I headed into town and waited outside the train station, the meeting place for the march. Unite Against Fascism had gathered too and were being held on the other side of the railway by the Police. I couldn’t believe the Police presence. There must have been 300-400 officers, that was a sight in itself.
The march went off without anything too exciting happening, the police managed to keep the two groups far enough apart to prevent that. There was lots of shouting and name called between them. To be honest I was rather disappointed in the anti fascists. They were jeering and shouting abuse back, fighting hate with hate.

Anyway, it was definitely a learning curve. I’ve never shot photos in a situation like that before and I learnt a lot in a short space of time. I need an auto-focussing zoom lens for docu photography like this. I was using my camera full manual but I think I was making it harder for myself by doing so. I was also a little worried about what people would say if I just stuck the camera in their face, but no-one said a thing to me. I did get told off by the Police for getting in the way though!

So, here are the photos.

Luton Demos-36

Luton Demos-33

Luton Demos-19

Luton Demos-31

Luton Demos-14

Luton Demos-10

Luton Demos-25

Luton Demos-16

Luton Demos-27

Luton Demos-15

Luton Demos-26

Luton Demos-35

Luton Demos-38

Luton Demos-11

Luton Demos-34

Luton Demos-4

Luton Demos-13

There are a few more on my Flickr that I haven’t posted here.

Eddstagram – June 2015

Welcome to another edition of Eddstagram!

This time I have a collection of photos fresh from the back of my Canon T70. They have all been taken over the course of the last 6-9 months. Some of the photos are from various trips and other are just from my random day-to-day adventures.
As always, all shot on film with no post except cropping where the scanner didn’t do a very good job. There’s a few more on my Flickr that I haven’t posted here.


Eddstagram - June 2015-1-2

Eddstagram - June 2015-1

Dunstable skatepark, before it was a skatepark.
Eddstagram - June 2015-11

Eddstagram - June 2015-8

Eddstagram - June 2015-6

Eddstagram - June 2015-14

Eddstagram - June 2015-30

Eddstagram - June 2015-10

Eddstagram - June 2015-28

Eddstagram - June 2015-22

Eddstagram - June 2015-20

Eddstagram - June 2015-4

Eddstagram - June 2015-7

Eddstagram - June 2015-2

Eddstagram - June 2015-13

Eddstagram - June 2015-18

Eddstagram - June 2015-31