Top Five Tunes

This weeks Top Five.

I’ve followed Rameses B for a few years now and I’d gone off his style a bit. I love the Ashanti sample in this track he uploaded recently though. Go and grab it for free!

I’m in the planning stages of a short film about a pirate radio station so I’ve been listening to a load of garage. This takes me straight back to school days. Big choon!

DRS – The View Ft LSB & Tyler Daley

This track featured in my Top Fives a couple of weeks ago and it was released yesterday.
I had it on pre-order and the 12″ arrived in the post today. I love the vocals and the inclusion of an MC rounds it off. LSB is one of my favourite producers. Such a good track, shame about the video.


Buy it here:

An evening with Jezzorx

Last Friday I headed down to Watford to spend the evening with my sister, Jess. I always like seeing her because we don’t get to see each other often and she understands my tea addiction. We also usually chat for hours about all-sorts, which is fun.


The reason I visited was because she wanted to get some spoken word on video. Since she’s started publishing her work I’ve really wanted to shoot a video for her, so I was really excited when she asked me to shoot a piece.


And the result? It’s live now, check it out here!

In the mean time, check out her Youtube channel for her work so far. You can also follow her on Twitter and read her blog.

VW Camper progress

Every time we get within reaching distance of being able to put the van in for an MOT something else happens which sets us back a step or two. Leo wasn’t around to come up the workshop and work on the van yesterday, but spent the day with my buddy, Andrew and he came and gave me a hand.

We started off by giving the spare wheel well a coat of paint.
Vw Camper 28-02-15-3
Vw Camper 28-02-15-4

We fixed a leak in the clutch line, the banjo bolt was too long and wasn’t crushing the copper washers as it should have been, so we cut a couple of mm off that and refitted it. Then we went to bleed it. For some reason the pedal has no resistance and isn’t pumping any fluid. Very annoying, especially considering the master cylinder is deep underneath the dashboard!

Moving on, we decided to turn our attention to the indicators. They haven’t been working for a while and I was hoping it was a dodgy earth. We took off the earth crowns from one end of the dashboard and gave them a good cleanup. We refitted it all to no avail. I hate wiring but it looks like we’re going to have to do some fault finding. It looks like it’ll be a total nightmare, there’s loads of extra wires that don’t look original running everywhere!

Vw Camper 28-02-15-8
Vw Camper 28-02-15-7

While we were down there we also showed the truck some love. We changed the oil, oil filter and air filter. I also had the throttle body off and cleaned it out. It was full of oil and it always cuts out at junctions. Still cuts out though.

Vw Camper 28-02-15-2
Vw Camper 28-02-15-5
Vw Camper 28-02-15-6

Lastly, Andrew wanted to have a go on the Sony A7s and went around the workshop snapping some photos. I actually really like the composition of this shot.
Andrews photo-1

Big thanks to Andrew for helping out this week. Next time I think the dashboard will be coming off to give us better access to the clutch master cylinder and wiring loom. Scary!

I think I might be getting old

I had a horrible moment today. While working I saw a slammed Mk2 Golf drive the opposite way and thought ‘That looks stupid!’. Then it hit me; I had the horrible realisation that I might be getting old.

It wasn’t just the fact it was lowered, but it was on stretched tyres and was absolutely slammed. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mk2 Golfs and parked up, it looked amazing but driving down the road it just looked bloody ridiculous. It must have been on bags or coilovers wound all the way down because every tiny bump in the road made it bounce. It looked so uncomfortable. The stretched tyres just made it look hilarious while it was moving too.

I’ve had my fair share of lowered cars, but I’ve never got the stretched tyre/poke thing. I think it makes cars look fat and bloated. In an attempt to regain a bit of my street cred, here’s a few photos of my lowered cars, past and present.

I still own this one, although it’s not as low these days. I got tired of not being able to get over speedbumps.


I bought the Golf as a runaround and ended up loving it. To this day, it is the most practical car I have ever owned. Sometimes I regret selling it.

The best thing about the Polo was that I didn’t give a shit about it. It doesn’t look that low in the photos but I chopped the springs in half and it would hit cats eyes when changing lanes on the motorway.


Screenshot 2015-02-24 at 11.11.03 PM


This was my first car. I fitted a 1.8 engine to it and wrote it off. Happy times.

After seeing photos of the Polo again I’m getting dumb ideas about my truck. It would look good a touch lower…

Phew, I’m glad I’ve snapped out of that one!

VW Camper progress

Today Leo and I got a decent amount of work done on our VW T25 project.
The van has been on axle stands for a few weeks while we had the fuel tank off and replaced all the brake lines. Today we wanted to get it back on its wheels and on the floor. This is how the van looked when we started the day.

Vw Camper 21-02-15-1

I started off by replacing the drivers side front brake caliper. When we tried to bleed them after replacing most of the brake pipes, the bleed nipple sheared off. Last week I drilled it out and tapped a new thread on the old caliper but the hole was too deep and we couldn’t get the new nipple to seal properly.
Camper 14 Feb 2015-1
Camper 14 Feb 2015-2

We ended up buying a new caliper and I fitted that instead.

Vw Camper 21-02-15-3

While I was doing that, Leo was welding a captive nut onto a chassis rail so we could refit the tank. We had painted all the brackets that hold the tank on, so it looks pretty smart now it’s all back on.

Camper 14 Feb 2015-4

Vw Camper 21-02-15-4

Andrew and Robert popped down to see us too. It’s always great to get together, chat shit and tinker on the van. Thanks for the help today guys :)

Vw Camper 21-02-15-2

Once the tank was back on we turned our attention to the spare wheel well, which we removed to get easier access to the radiator and brake lines. We decided to paint it before we refit it, so we cleaned that up ready for paint.
Vw Camper 21-02-15-5

We didn’t have any paint brushes down the workshop so we’ll have to wait till next time to actually paint the wheel well parts. We put the wheels back on and got the van on the floor.

Vw Camper 21-02-15-6

Vw Camper 21-02-15-9

We’re getting so close to actually being able to put it in for an MOT. All we need to do now is bleed the clutch, fill up the cooling system, paint and refit the spare wheel well and check over all the electrics. Can’t wait!

Vw Camper 21-02-15-8

Dunstable Skatepark Build – Week 18

Some exciting news on the bowl this week, the last two panels are finished!
It only needs the bottom ‘creting and it’ll be complete. It’s starting to look so good. I walked around the deck looking at various possible lines. That deep end is pretty intimidating. It’s so surreal seeing it right in front of me after looking at renders of it for so long.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-5

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-1

Moving onto the street section, that huuuge quarter is coming along. The coping for the smaller quarter to the left of it, and the bank around the corner is in.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-2

I’m liking the look of the large stairset too. Plenty of options for street jibs there.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-3

It’s been difficult to explain in words how this part of the street section was going to be laid out, so now it’s starting to take shape, you should have a better idea of what it’s going to look like.
Starting from the left, there is a box at the top of a bank. The manny pad cuts into the bank and has a sloped ledge on it’s far side. I think the other side of the ledge is going to be tranny too. Mega tech fest.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-7

Most of the other features are coming along nicely too. That curved box/hip thing looks cool, as does the small stairset/rail combo. The rail is the perfect height to be comfortable for learning different grinds. Looking forward to hitting that.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-8

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-9

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-6

Then there’s this. That free-standing quarter that I’ve been obsessing over is looking like it’s ready for concrete. It’s all shored up and covered, so I’m guessing all it’s waiting for is some decent weather to be finished. To say I’m stoked to see this complete is an understatement.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-10

Finally, I’m so impressed with the build quality and attention to detail that Maverick have put into the park. All edges and corners have been finished and rounded off. All coping has been capped and the welds ground down so it’s nice and smooth. Without wanting to badmouth other companies, I’ve never seen this on other parks. Often the coping is just left open on the ends of quarters and extensions. A big thumbs up to the guys at Maverick.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-4

More to come soon!