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Hello Tokyo

I’m a sucker for a cityscape timelapse, so this video is right up my street.

I love these type of transitions and I’ve seen them in a lot of videos recently, especially travel videos such as this. What makes this video stand out against others I’ve seen is how well this has been cut to the music and the changes between slowmo and time-lapse in the same shots. I also love the little zooms that are throughout.

The added rain is a little over the top, but I’ll let that slide because the rest is so good. Enjoy!




Hooooooooooooooly crap this is beautiful!

Top Five Tunes

Makoto has been throwing this in mixes for months and it finally got a release a couple of weeks ago. That guitar….


I love the mouth organ type sound in this and the epic feel. Metalheadz are smashing it at the moment.


I’ve never heard of Boston but this is a great track. The production value is up there and the atmosphere is unreal. I love the guitar strings and drums in this. Epic roller!


I hate linking to mixes in Top Fives, but I literally can’t find this track anywhere online and it has to be in the list this week.

This is the Alibi remix of Stephen – Fly Down. Such a lovely roller with a lush vocal. DnB at its finest. Jump to 22 minutes.

Lastly, a lovely calm track to end this weeks Top Five. What a beauty.

Ghost Digital Cinema – Malto

I love Ty Evans and follow him pretty closely on social media. He’s recently started a new company, Ghost Digital Cinema and their first production is Malto.

I’ve always liked Sean’s skating and he always comes across as a really nice guy, so it was good to get a bit more of in insight into his world. Besides the story, the video is really well shot, which is even more insane when you find out the whole thing was shot on an iPhone.


Obviously they haven’t just handheld a phone and pointed it at Sean to get the shots they have and while watching it, I wondered how they had got some of the shots. Turns out they used cinema lenses, gimbals, drones and external recorders. Check out this sweet behind the scenes video to see how you attach a cine lens to an iPhone. Madness!

The Gnomist: A Great Big Beautiful Act Of Kindness

I had no idea what to expect when I pressed play on this. I certainly didn’t expect to spend 17 minutes glued to my screen. Don’t let the duration put you off, this is a beautiful piece of filmmaking – not in the cinematography, but from a heartwarming story point of view.

BMX has got ridiculous – Onsomeshit – On Everything

Having grown up with BMX in the late 1990s and through the 2000s, I’ve never really been a fan of the ‘new’ school street style. When I say new school style, I mean rolling 3mph at ledges that are barely peg height and doing the most complicated combination of grind/barspin/manuals possible. It may be difficult, but it’s just not very exciting. I’m used to riders like Steven Hamilton, Owain Clegg, Bas Keep, Mike Escamilla and Corey Martinez (Before he became new school) hooning it at everything and going BIG!

However, I can appreciate the skill it takes to pull off these ridiculous, computer game-esque combos. So, when I saw this series of videos release by The Come Up this week, I was blown away. BMX has really got ridiculous.


My favourite is Alex Donnachies’ by far but they are all well worth your time. Enjoy!

Photos from Lisbon – Part Two

Safe Travels

I used to watch a lot of trials biking videos but I haven’t watched any in a few years. I always loved Flipps videos because they are so ridiculous.

Flipp rides with no brakes, which are essential for normal trials riding. I’m not sure if non-riders can appreciate the skill he has to be able to execute these moves without brakes. I love the way he has to bump his tyres into the edges of blocks and ledges to control his speed.

And that seesaw manual line….

Street Sweeper

I love everything about this. The aesthetic, the sound design, the cinematography, the titles and the riding. Just hit play!

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