I haven’t posted in weeks. I’ve been quite busy with uni stuff, I’ve just finished shooting a short film and I went away to Lisbon for a week right in the middle of production which wasn’t ideal. In fact it nearly ruined the whole film, but that’s for another blog post.

For now, have a quick Top Five.

I just can’t stop listening to this really nice cover of an absolute trance classic.

I’m starting to really like Camelphat and this is great. I can’t decide if I prefer this or the original. The vocal has that real 1990s classic trance feel.

I heard this in a mix a couple of weeks ago and I love the eastern vibe. Banger!

When I was young and naive I used to hate Dizzee Rascal. Funny how your tastes change. I heard this tune years ago in a mix by MissRepresent and never knew who had remixed it. This week I stumbled upon it and remembered how much of a tune it is.


Lastly, Tri-State was 10 years old last week and I’ve been listening to it loads since. I forgot just how good the album is. Here’s the beautiful title track to round off this weeks Top Five.