I’ve been waiting for this video to be released ever since I saw a trailer for it a few weeks ago.

When Raphi posted it, I know it was going to be a goodun. The full video was premièred at EUC this weekend just gone and was released online today. It doesn’t disappoint.

Screenshot 2016-02-08 at 9.45.31 PM

Raphi is, without doubt, the best cinematographer in unicycling. Every frame of this video is a stunningly composed photograph. I wish I had his eye. The grade is spot on too. I know that he carried out all post solely in Davinci Resolve. I may give it a go myself at some point, seeing as getting stuff into and out of Resolve from other NLEs is a bit of a pain and the results of his flow are amazing.

Aside from the technical details, the riding is also top notch. To be honest, a Poham/Unitwins collab was always going to be insane riding wise, but I was so glad about the kind of riding in the video. Instead of having loads of crazy tech flat (which is cool too, don’t get me wrong), it has some of the most creative street I’ve seen in a long time. I love the grinds from stillstands, the footplants and stalls. My favourite line is Raphi’s 3 stairset line at 1.42. Soooooooooooo much style and flow!

If I had to criticise it at all, I’d say that the voice over is a little cheesy. It reminds me of Paul Rodriguez in the skate video ‘We Are Blood’. That’s just a matter of opinion though. I’m just grateful that we have insanely talented filmmakers in unicycling that can show off our sport in this way.

I’ve said enough about it, check it out!