I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late. I’ve been pretty busy, trying to concentrate on my studies.
I’ve also got Instagram now, so I’ve been posting quite a bit of content on there. You can see my feed at the bottom right of this page.

I have an old CD head unit in my truck with no aux input, so I chucked a load of old trance CDs in there. I’ve been listening to loads of old classics. Heard this yesterday and remembered how good it is.

While we’re on the old school trance…

Best London Grammar remix I’ve EVER heard. Haha, yes Shy FX!

The original of this was in my Top Fives a few weeks back, but this remix has just been released as a free download. Not as good as the original, but almost.

Last but by no means least. I haven’t followed Hybrid Minds over the last year but I think they released a second album. I heard this for the first time this week. I haven’t had Riya on Top Fives for a while. Best voice in DnB. Gwaaaan Riya!