I haven’t posted for a while, mainly because I’ve been away.

My sister texted me about a month ago asking if I fancied going to Norway, flights were £4.99. Obviously I couldn’t say no, so without even thinking about where we’d stay, how I’d be able to afford anything else and how I’d get all my college work done (We were due back one day before my deadline), I said yes.

I’ve never been to Scandinavia before, so it was great to see what it was like. We stayed in a cabin in the woods which was a two hour walk from the centre of the nearest town. It had no running water and solar powered lights which didn’t work due to how little sunlight they get this time of year. We had to walk 10 minutes down the hill to collect water from the spring and use candles to see when it got dark, which was about 3:30pm. The cooker and heating was a wood fired Aga, so we had to chop wood for that and keep the fire going. It was a very different type of holiday for sure.

One thing I didn’t realise until we got there was just how expensive everything is. It’s the first time I’ve felt genuinely poor and I don’t mean we couldn’t afford booze or luxuries. Food was mega expensive and it was very difficult to eat on a shoestring budget.  We found ‘cheap’ supermarkets and bought raw ingredients to keep the cost down. Even then it was an expensive week food wise and we didn’t even eat out once. We did go to a pub once and three pints cost £17.50, that was after we’d walked out of a place that was £13 a pint!

I took a few photos and shot loads of video. The golden hour lasts all day there at the moment and the light was permanently gorgeous! Here are some of the photos. If you want to see the full set, check out my Flickr. Video to follow.

Norway - December 2015-6

Cabin Panorama

Norway - December 2015-2

Norway - December 2015-9

Norway - December 2015-12

Norway - December 2015-10

Norway - December 2015-18

Norway - December 2015-19

Norway - December 2015-21

Norway - December 2015-24

Cabin Panorama-2