‘A BMX is a small bicycle in terms of concept, but a big bicycle for what it brings you’

Some people have a natural gift for describing things that are difficult to put into words. Gervais Rousseau definitely has that gift. In this beautiful video, he describes how he started riding BMX, the feelings it gives him and the lessons it has taught him.

‘In 1982, my parents gave me my first BMX and that day was very special’

You can tell he has spent a lot of time thinking about what he gets from BMX. If it isn’t scripted, I applaud the film maker for being able to draw out such intimate things in the organic way it is presented in this video. Truly wonderful to watch and it sums up exactly what I get out of riding; both bikes and unicycles.

‘I broke my pelvis and at first I thought ‘Ok, I want to stop now.’ It was the first time in my life that I thought I wanted to stop riding…my wife was the first person who told me that it wasn’t possible for me to stop, that I had to keep going…You can’t always progress on your own.’