It’s been ages since I posted on my blog. Apologies to any regular readers (Is anyone a regular reader?). I’ve been super busy lately so my motivation to create content in what little spare time I have has been low. It was also starting to feel a little stale, so I’ve updated it! I don’t know how often I’ll be posting new content, but it looks a lot better now and I’ve changed the theme so it’s easier to browse back through old posts. Go to the homepage and check it out!

Rather than do another Top Five (That’s all it feels like I’ve been posting on here) I’ve decided to post an entire album.

I noticed this pop up on my Soundcloud feed about two weeks ago and I’ve played it at least twice everyday since. I’d never heard of Nigel Good before but his new LP, Space Cadet, is really good. I love how varied it is. There’s something for everyone on it, from catchy dance, to drum & bass and some lovely ambient tracks. I also love how it’s all segued together, a really nice touch.