I’ve probably said this before, but Chris Akrigg is my favourite bicycle rider of all time. I prefer watching him over Macaskill, his videos always have me glued to the screen. I’m not sure what it is; maybe it’s the fact it always looks like he’s having fun or the creativity in his riding.
I love the fact his videos always document a continuous ride rather than just random riding clips cut together. It seems more organic, more real. It also makes me think that these are just normal rides for Chris, this is what he does every time he goes out, it just happens that someone recorded it this time.
Another thing I love about Chris’ videos is how they are made. They are always shot so simply, one camera op, no crew. Just him and a guy with a camera. Maybe it’s because I can relate to that, it makes this level of film making seem within my reach.

His latest video was shot in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales and follows the water from the top of the hills to the sea. Besisdes the riding, there’s some epic steadicam work going on in it, something which could be easily overshadowed by the drone footage. Major props to Will Evans.
As ever, the riding is ridiculous. Sometimes it takes a few watches just for the riding to sink in. At first I wasn’t that impressed but on the second and third run through I realised just what Chris was doing. Nollie drop offs, pedal ups, up to fronts and balance beam tree lines all on a FULL SUSSER! None of these things are easy on the respective speciality bikes. Another great video from Akrigg. Enjoy!