I’ve been half looking for a subject to try out some photojournalism for a while. When I heard about the Britain First march through Luton, I knew it would be a great opportunity to shoot some photos.

Yesterday, I headed into town and waited outside the train station, the meeting place for the march. Unite Against Fascism had gathered too and were being held on the other side of the railway by the Police. I couldn’t believe the Police presence. There must have been 300-400 officers, that was a sight in itself.
The march went off without anything too exciting happening, the police managed to keep the two groups far enough apart to prevent that. There was lots of shouting and name called between them. To be honest I was rather disappointed in the anti fascists. They were jeering and shouting abuse back, fighting hate with hate.

Anyway, it was definitely a learning curve. I’ve never shot photos in a situation like that before and I learnt a lot in a short space of time. I need an auto-focussing zoom lens for docu photography like this. I was using my camera full manual but I think I was making it harder for myself by doing so. I was also a little worried about what people would say if I just stuck the camera in their face, but no-one said a thing to me. I did get told off by the Police for getting in the way though!

So, here are the photos.

Luton Demos-36

Luton Demos-33

Luton Demos-19

Luton Demos-31

Luton Demos-14

Luton Demos-10

Luton Demos-25

Luton Demos-16

Luton Demos-27

Luton Demos-15

Luton Demos-26

Luton Demos-35

Luton Demos-38

Luton Demos-11

Luton Demos-34

Luton Demos-4

Luton Demos-13

There are a few more on my Flickr that I haven’t posted here.