I’ve been experimenting with time lapses recently.
I shot this one last night in a bid to work out why my previous attempts were flickery. I put the camera in full manual mode, which I usually do anyway, but for timelapses I’ve been using aperture priority so that the exposure is gradually adjusted as the light dims in a sunset. The result was that the exposure jumped massively a couple of times. Going manual has solved that, but now you generally can’t see anything as soon as it gets a certain amount underexposed. That’s really bad English but I don’t know how else to explain it.

Anyway, here’s the result of last nights quick experiment. Obviously I shot photos to make this, so rather than scale it down to 1080p I thought I’d turn it into a 4k video. My camera can actually shoot 4k video, but I need an external 4k recorder which is £1400, so I won’t be shooting video in 4k anytime soon.


And yes, I do know there’s dust on my sensor 😛