It’s that time of year again. Having been a full-time student for three years now, this time of year seems to come around far too quickly. Final project is always a busy time and that’s why I haven’t been blogging so much.

I’ve spent the last 15 weeks planning, shooting and editing my final project for the HNC Creative Media course I’m studying towards. For our last piece we had to make a fiction film. Now, those of you that know me well will know I’m not a fan of fiction and have never really been a film buff. However, seeing as I had to do a film, I was willing to give it a go and I wrote a script for a short film about a pirate radio station. I was actually really into it and I had planned to have a really cool DnB, garage and dubstep soundtrack.
Then it came to shooting it. Trying to find actors and get the locations I wanted was a nightmare. I finally managed to cobble together a cast but getting them all in the right place at the right time proved impossible.

So, with two weeks to go till the deadline, I changed my idea completely.
It’s something much more simplistic. It’s still fiction, but a little more….me.