It’s been a while since I posted. Between work, college and freelance work I’m not getting much time to do much else. I’ve managed to grab half hour to myself so I thought I’d post up photos from the weekend.

I blogged a couple of weeks ago that our VW Camper passed its MOT. Leo and I decided to take it out for its first proper spin and what better place to take it than a VW festival! By coincidence Big Bang was on the weekend after we put it in for MOT. We wanted to go and look for goodies for the van, so we bought tickets and headed upto Santa Pod.

Not only did we want to see what parts we could buy but we also wanted to see some other vans to draw inspiration from. There were loads of vans on show, although not many of them were T25s. Here is a selection of my favourite cars from the Show ‘n’ Shine.

Big Bang 2015-9

Big Bang 2015-16

Big Bang 2015-8

Big Bang 2015-4

Big Bang 2015-5

Big Bang 2015-3
I really like the colour of this Mk2 and would love to do the van in a similar colour, maybe a shade darker.

There was a Baja track which we went and took a look at. Really cool to see some buggies getting muddy. It’s the first time I’d seen one in the flesh/metal.

Big Bang 2015-14

Big Bang 2015-15

Big Bang 2015-10

We also met up with Leo’s housemate, Johnny. He also owns a van which used to be the same colour as ours! We spent much of the day relaxing with him in the vans and watching the jet cars on the strip.

Big Bang 2015-17

Big Bang 2015-19

Big Bang 2015-18

Big Bang 2015-22

Big Bang 2015-26

After a long, tiring (I ended up demoing with the bike display team on my uni) but great day of looking/talking/shopping all things VW, we headed home in true VW fashion; with a long line of traffic stacking up behind us!

Big Bang 2015-27

Big Bang 2015-28

All in all, a really enjoyable first outing with the van and not a single problem!