I haven’t posted an update on the Camper in a while. Over Easter we haven’t been working on it much but this weekend Leo and I got down there and did a few litle bits to it. On Good Friday I went down to the workshop with my buddy Andrew and we managed to sort out the indicators and hazard lights. Turns out someone had cut through the wire when wiring up an auxiliary temperature gauge….ahem. While we were there we also filled up and bled the cooling system. When it was upto temperature we noticed a leaky hose.

Fast forward to this Friday and I went to the workshop by myself and refitted the spare wheel well. In an attempt to get the original dashboard temperature gauge working I cleaned up all the earths in the engine bay. One was super dodgy and I decided to replace it completely. I came away armed with a list of spares to buy.

VW Camper 11-04-15-2

VW Camper 11-04-15-6

Saturday I headed down with Leo and we replaced the leaky hose and fitted the new engine earth strap. The brakes were still a bit shit so we re-bled them too. We bought a new distributer cap a while back and so we fitted that in the hope it would sort out the rough running. It seems to have made a small difference. It’s got to be better than the old one anyway. I noticed the bumper end caps are missing and we misplaced them a long time ago. It won’t pass an MOT with sharp edges so I put some edging strip on the ends to cover them. I’ve no idea if that’ll be enough to satisfy the tester, but we’ll see. Then it hit us. It’s finished and ready for MOT!

VW Camper 11-04-15-4

VW Camper 11-04-15-5

VW Camper 11-04-15-7

VW Camper 11-04-15-3

This has been a (very, very, very) long time coming, but here is a video of it complete and running.

As always with this van though, it’s not that straightforward. While we were driving it up and down on the farm, the low oil pressure light came on. Bum.
There’s a bit of an oil leak coming from the oil pump area. It looks like a right bitch to get to. We’ll have to drop the engine off its mounts to get to it. We’ve got an oil pressure gauge, oil pump, crankshaft seal and gaskets on order. Oh well. One day we might finish this project.

VW Camper + Hijet-3