I haven’t posted in ages and then you get two BMX posts two days running. Sorry. I couldn’t not post this though.

When I was a wee lad, 13 to be precise, the NSF were BMX as fuck. The Northern Street Foundation were always appearing in Ride UK with their unique brand of BMX. To me the NSF got BMX right. They loved riding and having a good time. They did a roadtrip in 2001 and it was covered in the mag at the time. Recently (I’m old, two years ago is recently) a load of negs from the trip surfaced, which prompted Ride UK to do a follow-up article, ten years on. It’s quality to see all those photos I know so well mixed in with ones that never made the original article. It’s also great to get some insight from the riders a decade later.

Read the article here.

I love BMX. I love riding down the street and hopping over shit. I hope BMX can be part of my life forever. It’s given me so much.‘ – Olly Olsen


When I first read that article I remember wishing I could go on a roadtrip like that. Since, I’m lucky enough to have been on several. None that sound quite the the NSF’s trip, but some have been close.
If anything, this has made me want to roadtrip again more than ever. EUC anyone?