It’s a sad day for UK BMX. Ride BMX UK has stopped making print mags.
Ride has been an institution for all things UK BMX even before I started riding. It’s something that has always been there and something I never thought I’d see the demise of. When I first started riding it was the only way I could see what was going on in the BMX world and the only way to buy decent parts. I used to send off postal orders along with cheques (Remember them?) written out by my Dad and eagerly await the resulting parcel. The whole process would take weeks.

I do feel slightly guilty, as I haven’t bought the mag for years. Last time I did, I remember thinking ‘This is just the content from their Facebook feed!’ and I think that’s the problem. With so much information available for free instantly, no one wants to pay for out of date news. I’m not even sure why I’m surprised, UNI mag went the same way.

Their website says they’ll ‘continue to create unique and interesting BMX content with the world’s biggest BMX personalities and translate them into a digital format that can find you faster and keep you up to date quicker.‘ Whether that means a paid subscription service or just their social media channels is unclear. I can’t see it ever being the same again though. End of an era. RIP Ride UK.