For those of you that have been following my VW Camper updates, I thought I’d provide a bit of history of the van since there’s no update this week. Some of you may be surprised to hear Leo and I have owned the van since October 2007.

We bought it from a guy in Hitchin and towed it home on a 5ft length of raggedy rope, overtaking cars as we went. We were young and silly back then…

Since then we’ve been working on it off-and-on whenever we have the time/enthusiasm/money. Recently we’ve realised that most of the hard work is done, so we’ve been pushing to get the last few bits done and that’s what I’ve been blogging. However, most of you won’t have seen the real hard work that we put into this project in the first few years of ownership. When we bought it, the van was totally rotten and we spent almost 4 years welding it up. Our build thread on the T25 forum is so old it’s been locked, but you can see just how much work we put in to get it welded up. It’s an epic read, and I’ll summarise it here in a few photos, but head over and check it out if you’re interested.

Here’s all the rusty bits.

We cut a scary amount of metal out.

Here’s some of the new bits in.

Most of the bits were odd shaped patches, which meant I had to get good at fabricating weird shapes from metal while Leo was getting better at welding with every patch.

I’ll leave it that for now, the rest is in our 80-90 thread if you’re interested. We’re hoping to get it on the road in time for some trips this summer. I bought a new indicator relay last week, so we’re hoping that’ll sort our strange indicator problem. More soon!