Camper Van 07-03-15-1

This week I was working on the van by myself. Last week when we tried to bleed the clutch the master cylinder wasn’t giving any pressure. I ordered a new one along with a new slave cylinder too. I’d heard stories of people fitting a new master only for the slave to pop immediately afterwards due to the increased pressure that the new cylinder provides. I thought I’d spend the extra £20 and prevent any potential problems before they even occurred.

Camper Van 07-03-15-3

I didn’t have to take the dashboard off as I orginally thought, working in the footwell was fiddly though. The master cylinder fits just behind the brake and clutch pedals and there’s not enough room to move a spanner very much.

Camper Van 07-03-15-6

New vs old. I’m hoping it’s been leaking. It looks like there’s been fluid on the outside of the old cylinder if that bubbling paint is anything to go by. Apologies for shite focus.

Camper Van 07-03-15-5

This is the slave. Slightly easier due to being in the engine bay and having slightly more room around it. The only part of the clutch mechanism we haven’t replaced now is a short length of hose from the master cylinder to the main front-to-back pipe. Everything else is brand new, so we shouldn’t have any more problems with it for a while (Touching as much wood as I can).

Camper Van 07-03-15-8

I couldn’t bleed it by myself so I’ve left that for next week when Leo should be back. Next is to really start looking at why the indicators aren’t working. Fun.

Camper Van 07-03-15-9
Camper Van 07-03-15-10