Every time we get within reaching distance of being able to put the van in for an MOT something else happens which sets us back a step or two. Leo wasn’t around to come up the workshop and work on the van yesterday, but spent the day with my buddy, Andrew and he came and gave me a hand.

We started off by giving the spare wheel well a coat of paint.
Vw Camper 28-02-15-3
Vw Camper 28-02-15-4

We fixed a leak in the clutch line, the banjo bolt was too long and wasn’t crushing the copper washers as it should have been, so we cut a couple of mm off that and refitted it. Then we went to bleed it. For some reason the pedal has no resistance and isn’t pumping any fluid. Very annoying, especially considering the master cylinder is deep underneath the dashboard!

Moving on, we decided to turn our attention to the indicators. They haven’t been working for a while and I was hoping it was a dodgy earth. We took off the earth crowns from one end of the dashboard and gave them a good cleanup. We refitted it all to no avail. I hate wiring but it looks like we’re going to have to do some fault finding. It looks like it’ll be a total nightmare, there’s loads of extra wires that don’t look original running everywhere!

Vw Camper 28-02-15-8
Vw Camper 28-02-15-7

While we were down there we also showed the truck some love. We changed the oil, oil filter and air filter. I also had the throttle body off and cleaned it out. It was full of oil and it always cuts out at junctions. Still cuts out though.

Vw Camper 28-02-15-2
Vw Camper 28-02-15-5
Vw Camper 28-02-15-6

Lastly, Andrew wanted to have a go on the Sony A7s and went around the workshop snapping some photos. I actually really like the composition of this shot.
Andrews photo-1

Big thanks to Andrew for helping out this week. Next time I think the dashboard will be coming off to give us better access to the clutch master cylinder and wiring loom. Scary!