I had a horrible moment today. While working I saw a slammed Mk2 Golf drive the opposite way and thought ‘That looks stupid!’. Then it hit me; I had the horrible realisation that I might be getting old.

It wasn’t just the fact it was lowered, but it was on stretched tyres and was absolutely slammed. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mk2 Golfs and parked up, it looked amazing but driving down the road it just looked bloody ridiculous. It must have been on bags or coilovers wound all the way down because every tiny bump in the road made it bounce. It looked so uncomfortable. The stretched tyres just made it look hilarious while it was moving too.

I’ve had my fair share of lowered cars, but I’ve never got the stretched tyre/poke thing. I think it makes cars look fat and bloated. In an attempt to regain a bit of my street cred, here’s a few photos of my lowered cars, past and present.

I still own this one, although it’s not as low these days. I got tired of not being able to get over speedbumps.


I bought the Golf as a runaround and ended up loving it. To this day, it is the most practical car I have ever owned. Sometimes I regret selling it.

The best thing about the Polo was that I didn’t give a shit about it. It doesn’t look that low in the photos but I chopped the springs in half and it would hit cats eyes when changing lanes on the motorway.


Screenshot 2015-02-24 at 11.11.03 PM


This was my first car. I fitted a 1.8 engine to it and wrote it off. Happy times.

After seeing photos of the Polo again I’m getting dumb ideas about my truck. It would look good a touch lower…

Phew, I’m glad I’ve snapped out of that one!