Today Leo and I got a decent amount of work done on our VW T25 project.
The van has been on axle stands for a few weeks while we had the fuel tank off and replaced all the brake lines. Today we wanted to get it back on its wheels and on the floor. This is how the van looked when we started the day.

Vw Camper 21-02-15-1

I started off by replacing the drivers side front brake caliper. When we tried to bleed them after replacing most of the brake pipes, the bleed nipple sheared off. Last week I drilled it out and tapped a new thread on the old caliper but the hole was too deep and we couldn’t get the new nipple to seal properly.
Camper 14 Feb 2015-1
Camper 14 Feb 2015-2

We ended up buying a new caliper and I fitted that instead.

Vw Camper 21-02-15-3

While I was doing that, Leo was welding a captive nut onto a chassis rail so we could refit the tank. We had painted all the brackets that hold the tank on, so it looks pretty smart now it’s all back on.

Camper 14 Feb 2015-4

Vw Camper 21-02-15-4

Andrew and Robert popped down to see us too. It’s always great to get together, chat shit and tinker on the van. Thanks for the help today guys 🙂

Vw Camper 21-02-15-2

Once the tank was back on we turned our attention to the spare wheel well, which we removed to get easier access to the radiator and brake lines. We decided to paint it before we refit it, so we cleaned that up ready for paint.
Vw Camper 21-02-15-5

We didn’t have any paint brushes down the workshop so we’ll have to wait till next time to actually paint the wheel well parts. We put the wheels back on and got the van on the floor.

Vw Camper 21-02-15-6

Vw Camper 21-02-15-9

We’re getting so close to actually being able to put it in for an MOT. All we need to do now is bleed the clutch, fill up the cooling system, paint and refit the spare wheel well and check over all the electrics. Can’t wait!

Vw Camper 21-02-15-8