Some exciting news on the bowl this week, the last two panels are finished!
It only needs the bottom ‘creting and it’ll be complete. It’s starting to look so good. I walked around the deck looking at various possible lines. That deep end is pretty intimidating. It’s so surreal seeing it right in front of me after looking at renders of it for so long.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-5

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-1

Moving onto the street section, that huuuge quarter is coming along. The coping for the smaller quarter to the left of it, and the bank around the corner is in.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-2

I’m liking the look of the large stairset too. Plenty of options for street jibs there.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-3

It’s been difficult to explain in words how this part of the street section was going to be laid out, so now it’s starting to take shape, you should have a better idea of what it’s going to look like.
Starting from the left, there is a box at the top of a bank. The manny pad cuts into the bank and has a sloped ledge on it’s far side. I think the other side of the ledge is going to be tranny too. Mega tech fest.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-7

Most of the other features are coming along nicely too. That curved box/hip thing looks cool, as does the small stairset/rail combo. The rail is the perfect height to be comfortable for learning different grinds. Looking forward to hitting that.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-8

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-9

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-6

Then there’s this. That free-standing quarter that I’ve been obsessing over is looking like it’s ready for concrete. It’s all shored up and covered, so I’m guessing all it’s waiting for is some decent weather to be finished. To say I’m stoked to see this complete is an understatement.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-10

Finally, I’m so impressed with the build quality and attention to detail that Maverick have put into the park. All edges and corners have been finished and rounded off. All coping has been capped and the welds ground down so it’s nice and smooth. Without wanting to badmouth other companies, I’ve never seen this on other parks. Often the coping is just left open on the ends of quarters and extensions. A big thumbs up to the guys at Maverick.

Dunstable Skatepark - Week 18-4

More to come soon!