I’m supposed to be using half term to write an essay but this is too good not to post.
Ride UK posted up this article about instagram account @UKBmxhistory. I’m not on instagram but the article includes a load of UK BMX history gold!

It mostly features photos from the 80s but there are the odd few from the nineties too. Seeing some of them takes me straight back to when I first started riding BMX. Kicking out off curbs, bunny hopping over sticks, posing for photos, cruising the streets and building our own ramps. I’m especially fond of the car jumping photos. Check out those old skool Fords!

Check the article out here.

Inspired by the article, I dug out my old photos. Apologies for the crap scans. I couldn’t get the photos to sit square on the scanner when I closed the lid. Some of them really are framed like that too though, haha!

Here’s some of my very own UK BMX history.

My first proper bike was an Ultra Burner with green Skyway Tuffs and blue tyres. I was the height of fashion. No photos from that early I’m afraid. When that got stolen I was devastated. I rolled another Raleigh of some description for ages after that. I remember it had a DMR seat and Haro flatland pegs. The more stickers you had on your bike the cooler you were. Rockin’!






It took me a year working on a farm for a tenner a week to save up for this bike. It was a Commencal Garden and got nicked during my first year at college. I rode it so much that the front wheel bearings actually locked up on me and threw me over the bars. I’ll never forget that.



My pal, Andrew was always the cool kid of the group. He had the Mongoose Pro, TSG helmet and knew all the latest riders and trick names.







It’s a little known fact that my brother, Leo used to be a BMX bandit too. He even had his own micro BMX because 20″ ones were too big for him. He also dabbled in skateboarding. I know this because I have a whole reel of film of him doing ollies in the back garden.





As you can see, living in Eaton Bray in the nineties, we had the cream of the crop as far as spots are concerned. From memory there was the hipped drain near the doctors, the big ditch gap near the church and the bank next to the off license. When we weren’t shredding we were being cool.



It’s a shame I didn’t have a camera when we all used to ride around on chrome Diamondback Venoms. Maybe not.
Those early days my have been crap riding wise, but they laid down the foundations of my riding today. I look back on them fondly.