Another week skipped as I was away last week and the park has come on loads since I last saw it. I’m making sure I get up there when the Maverick guys are on site from now on, so I can get decent photos.

Most of the change has happened on the street section. Here’s a quick snap of the bowl, it’s certainly getting there.

Dunstable Skatepark week 17-8

Last time I was there, the end quarters were just beginning to take shape but now the mesh and the coping is in for them and you can see the boundary of the park. The large quarter on the right at the back is about 7.5 high with no deck. Looks scary!
The smaller quarter to the left of that blends into a flatbank in the corner pocket. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting setup to ride. On the far left you can just about see the coping for a grindbox which is set into the flatbank. Finally, right in the middle there is going to be a quarter/hubba combo with a manny-pad that cuts into the bottom of the bank to the left.

Dunstable Skatepark week 17-4

I’m loving the look of this part of the park. The transition from the bowl level to the street section is made by a row of quarters and this nice looking hip that back onto the stairset. There’s going to be some interesting lines on this for sure. After the bowl, I think this is my favourite part of the park.

Dunstable Skatepark week 17-3

Dunstable Skatepark week 17-5

Looking back the other way; the big driveway on the right and the curved box have got their concrete and the rails are being set in. The big bank at the far end hasn’t really progressed much since I was last there. One thing I did notice, was there isn’t as much space between obstacles as I thought there was going to be. The whole park feels a lot more claustrophobic than I thought it would. Maybe it’s because there’s lots of machinery on site and large piles of earth though. Hopefully it’ll feel more open when it’s done and all the concrete is down.

Dunstable Skatepark week 17-6

The small stairset section is looking sick as. Looks like plenty of options for some street jibbery. The rail is a perfect height to be comfortable on. Really looking forward to riding this bit. Tenner to the first up-rail to bowl transfer.
You can see all the shuttering on the free-standing quarter, so it looks like that’ll get it’s concrete soon. Literally can’t wait to see that.

Dunstable Skatepark week 17-7

Dunstable Skatepark week 17-1

The guys were saying that it’ll come on really fast in the next couple of weeks so I’m going to try my hardest to get down there the same time next week. Can’t wait to see concrete on that huge quarter and the free-standing one. Stoked!