I had to make a promotional video as part of the HNC Creative Media course I’m studying. Around the same time we were given the brief I just happened to meet Ruby at Travel Choices. I asked if there was anything they did that I could make a promotional video for and Travel Choices came up with the Health Walks.

So, I’ve spent the last few weeks meeting up and going on walks with old people. It’s actually been really interesting. A lot of the people I met are so full of knowledge and have done amazing things in their lives. They are all really friendly and welcomed me into the group. If I can find the time I’m actually going to try and continue going on some of the walks. It’d be nice to stay in contact with some of the friends I’ve made.

I shot the whole thing on my new camera, which I’m still getting to grips with. I’m not happy with most of the shots, the focus is very soft. I also had a mare with grading. I did the grade in Speedgrade and when I outputted it, it was still flat. I managed to get it to export some sort of grade, but it’s not the way I wanted it. More experimenting needed there.

I didn’t actually realise that they wanted to put the video on their youtube channel, so you can watch it on the Central Bedfordshire Council youtube.