My college friend, Emily and I were asked to shoot a promotional video for motorbike trackday company No Limits. They organise UK and European trackdays, so yesterday we flew out to Alicante to shoot the event at Cartagena.

A few weird/funny things have happened to us already.

The silly satnav is out, so obviously we spent almost an hour lost in Cartagena trying to find the track.


The carpark at the hotel is entertaining. It’s in the basement under the building but instead of a ramp like any other normal undergound carpark, it has a lift. It’s the strangest feeling rolling down the window to press the button for the second floor.


Once we’d finally got to the hotel and parked, we went out to find food. We went into a bar and this is what we got when Emily asked for Amaretto and Coke.


Today was our first shoot day at the track, which was cool. I’ve never seen bikes racing up close so it was quite an eye opener. Being trackside and shooting the riding was cool. The track office had a really cool looking old bike in it too.



We’ve been having loads of fun with the hire car. We used it to shoot some cool rolling shots of the lorries that transport the bikes. Emily sat in the boot while I drove.


I shot a couple of photos but I was shooting flat and I’m on my Chromebook in a hotel room so these are straight from the camera.




More tomorrow.