So, I had to skip a week again as I’ve been too busy to get down the park with my camera. I managed to shoot down there during my lunch break yesterday but the guys were just finishing for the week when I arrived, so I only managed to get pictures from outside the fence.

Still, it gives you an idea of how much has happened since the last update. The bowl looks like it only needs a couple more panels concreted before it’s finished!

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-11

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-6

Not much has happened with the big stairset but I expect they’ll be finishing that off soon.
Dunstable Skatepark week 15-3

The big quarters at the far end of the street section are starting to take shape. I knew there was going to be a large quarter at this end of the park but I didn’t realise it was going to be this big. Looks so much fun! It’s going to be one of those free-standing ones. I can’t wait to see that go up, I’m fascinated with them.

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-4

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-1

Speaking of free-standing quarters, the small one at the opposite end of the park looks as though it’s ready for concrete! They look like so much fun to ride. I can’t wait to blast up one.

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-7

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-10

It looks like they are slowly filling in the gaps with concrete. The runup to the rail is done and all the wooden shoring in place ready to concrete the steps and curved box. I spoke to the guys just before they left and they were saying it’s been shit weather for concreting so I’m guessing they’re getting everything ready and waiting till it’s slightly better conditions to pour.

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-12

The wedge/hipped driveway box thing has got concrete on now too, as does the top of the flatbank and the small box on the flatbank.

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-2

Last but by no means least, the floodlights are up! I’m so stoked to be able to ride this place in the dark. Bring on the floodlit sessions!

Dunstable Skatepark week 15-5

That’s it for this week. I’m away shooting in Spain for a week so there’ll be no update next week. I’m a bit gutted about that because if the weather improves, I’ve got a feeling progress is going to fairly fast now. Oh well, I’ll get down there as soon as I get home and report back.

Until next time readers, adiós!