‘When people shout, they think the world listens but nobody really listens when you’re shouting. However, when you’re really quiet, when you whisper, people really do listen. In this dance music world of today I feel that there’s this sort of fight for who can be the loudest, and who can make the most noise and get the most attention and all the while maybe the real power is in something really small and elegant.’

Above & Beyond are up there with some of my favourite music producers. I’ve been waiting patiently for their new album for about six months or so. It was released on Monday and the quote above is Paavo’s explanation behind the naming of the opening track ‘Quieter is Louder’ and from what I can tell, the ethos of the whole album.

I saw this video about the process behind making the album and as well as giving an interesting insight into how the album came together, it also features some beautiful snippets of acoustic and acapela versions of the tracks during production. Alex Vargas has a voice I could happily die to and I just love hearing Gemma Hayes whisper into that mic.

Like all albums, it has it’s strong and weaker tracks. I can understand the reasons for wanting to perform the vocals for a track but I think ‘Excuses’ is one of my least favourites. Tony did the vocals and while he’s not a bad singer, next to the other amazing vocalists on the album, he stands out like a sore thumb.

I feel that the whole album takes huge influence from the acoustic set that the trio performed almost exactly a year ago in Porchester Hall. I think this is a massive plus and has made for some beautiful tracks. My personal favourite at the moment is ‘Peace of Mind’ with Zoe Johnston. Zoe’s voice is haunting and ever since I heard the track in the ABGT100 set I’ve loved it.

You can buy the album here: http://www.weareallweneed.com/