This post was inspired in part by talking to my Brother and Sister about their travels, particularly Morocco, and by seeing this article and video get posted the very next day.
There’s some really nice photographs in the article and the video just reminds me what it is I love most about riding. Well worth a read and watch. (Click the photo to read the article)

As I’ve gotten older, the reasons for riding a unicycle have changed. Obviously not the original, most fundamental reason I started riding; for fun, but the reason I continue to ride is kept alive by the constant urge to experience more of the world.
Riding has taken me to so many places I wouldn’t have otherwise visited. It’s opened my eyes to the world. I know there are places I have never heard of that are more beautiful than anywhere I’ve visited before. Unicycling gives me an excuse to visit those places. It’s the vehicle that gets my off up of my lazy arse and embark on these journeys. I don’t think I’d have the courage to do it without the unicycle there.

Here are a just a few places my unicycle has taken me.

The Isle of Skye during a whiteout.

A ruined Scottish castle


Countless beauty spots around the UK


Random Northern cities (Gateshead in this photo)


The French/Swiss Alps


Italy – Milan


Holland291392_10150994701907987_1284220529_o Czech Republic464004_10150995040922987_1308224378_oLuxembourg
Canada (Montreal here)1932481_350739685076944_6160481522705719947_n
The USA (Grand Canyon in this photo)

DSCF0218Milton Keynes (Round the back of the Theatre District)1094070_10151617401807987_395338331_o

There are so many more places that I want to visit and I can’t imagine doing it without that trusty wheel with me.