Leo and I have been working on our camper van project most Saturdays for the last month or so. We headed down the workshop today armed with some more bits and managed to get a fair chunk of work done.

First job was to light the woodburner. It doesn’t actually heat the workshop at all and it billows smoke if you have the door open even the tiniest crack. I think it’ll be better as a patio heater in summer.

We’ve been working on the brakes, as we noticed a couple of the brake lines were pretty badly corroded. In the end we’ve ended up replacing every hose on the van, including the flexi-hoses on all four corners.

We’ve also replaced the clutch hose, which is a 1/4″ solid pipe that runs from the front to the back of the van.

It’s been a bit of a mission to replace all that, but it all needed doing. In order to get to all the pipes under the van we had to drop the fuel tank which also allowed us access to the coolant hoses. While they were off we had the radiator out because it looked a bit suspect and found out it did actually have a leak.
With the rad out we had so much space to work on the brake and clutch pipes.

We bought a brand new radiator, cleaned up the fan cowling and all the brackets, gave them a lick of paint and then fitted it all back onto the van.

Lastly, we started preparing to put the tank back on. There was a mounting bolt that sheared when we were taking the tank off, which I sorted while Leo was welding the speedo cable bracket back into place. We patched a piece of the floor where it was fixed to previously and had forgotten to weld it back on afterwards.

There’s a few brake pipe clips we need to buy and fit before we actually bolt the tank back up, so we left it for this week. Just as we were locking up, a flock of geese flew across the field. Sweet end to a great day working on the van! (Photo props to Leo on this one.)