Another week down, more skatepark news. I’m assuming this is the last week they’ll be working on the skatepark before Christmas, so this could be the last update of the year.
I’ll be completely honest and say that I can’t really tell what they’ve done since last week. There’s a couple more panels in the bowl finished but that’s about all the progress I could see.

Dunstable skatepark week 11-4

Check out those sexy concrete curves…

Dunstable skatepark week 11-5

It does look like they’re starting to work on the street section. There’s some concretey (That’s a technical term, by the way) looking stuff under both stairsets and the quarter on the street section.
Dunstable skatepark week 11-6

Dunstable skatepark week 11-3

Dunstable skatepark week 11-1

It also looks like they’ve cleared the lower level ready to start on the street section proper. The backing blocks for the curved box are in place too.

Dunstable skatepark week 11-2

So that’s potentially it for 2014. If I see they’ve done any more next week, I’ll pop another update on here, but assume that’s all for the year.