I spent my day off playing with the 100p and 50p modes on my A7s. I wanted to see how far I could slow the footage down to see how useable it is at really slow speeds. The bmx footage was shot at 1080p at 50fps. The first clip was slowed 50% in the Premiere timeline and the second clip was stretched (Badly) in After Effects. The footage of Alfred on his mountain bike was shot at 100fps at 720p. I stretched the first shot in After Effects, the second in AE using Twixtor to 5% and the last was slowed to 25% in Premiere.

Obviously the 5% Twixtored stuff isn’t usable but I love how the 100fps footage looks when slowed down. I should be able to shoot some really nice looking stuff with it. All the footage was shot with Picture Profile 3, which is no Slog2, but it’s still lovely and flat. No grading done.