I shot some video on Saturday with my new Sony A7s.
It was the first time I had taken the camera out and it shows. Most of the shots are really soft. I am using manual lenses with focus peaking, which I have never used before. It seems that the camera is easily confused, at the time it was saying my shots were in focus. I am using a cheap, non-active adapter plate though.
I’m shooting in Picture Profile 3, which isn’t as flat as the much celebrated Slog2 profile, but is pretty good. However, I’ve never used Speedgrade before and my monitor is just a cheap crap one. It looked good when I graded it, but as soon as I got it on Vimeo, it looks shocking.
I’ve had to completely change my workflow too. This camera shoots .MTS files, which when I bring into Premiere, loose their audio. I think that’s a symptom of having a dodgy copy of Adobe suite though.

More practice, a fully paid up copy of Premiere and a better monitor required I think. Also a decent subject matter would be good. Take a look anyway.