My Dad asked me to help him collect some pallets to use as firewood. Eager to use the truck, I obliged and we spent the morning down by the canal.
The pallets were stacked up near a building site next to the towpath, so we had to carry them across a lock gate, along the towpath and load them into the truck on the road. Even though the truck is fairly small I was surprised at the number we managed to get in. It feels good to be using it for practical things!


On the way back, Dad wanted to have a look at a section of the canal that they’ve drained while the lock gates are being replaced. He goes fishing and was keen to see how far they’d got on the job so he can fish his favourite section of canal again. It was pretty interesting to see the canal with no water in it. It’s much shallower than I thought. I’m not too worried about falling in anymore, it looks like you’d be able to easily touch the bottom, even in the deepest bit.
The random things on the bottom were quite interesting too. There was a set of driveshafts complete with hubs and discs, an old sewing machine and hundreds of road cones!



The end!