Leo and I have been spending roughly every other Saturday up the workshop working on our van for a while now. We never get loads done, we’re not in a rush and we are usually stopped because we need more bits. Today was no exception but we did reach a bit of a milestone.

Camper-1 small

I haven’t posted anything about the van on my blog before but we’ve spent the last few years slowing restoring it. We bought it about seven years ago for £260. It was really rotten and we spent a lot of time welding it up. You can see how much welding we’ve done from the patchwork panels. Now all the welding’s done we’ve turned our attention to the mechanicals. We noticed one of the brake lines was pretty corroded and in order to replace it, we needed to drop the petrol tank. While the tank is off we’ve also decided to replace the clutch line, all the brake pipes and the radiator.

Camper-2 small

The brake lines have been a bit of a mare. They are all so corroded and difficult to get off. Today we finally got all the rear lines finished and moved onto the front ones. We’ve bought all new flexible hoses and are making our own rigid ones from copper. We’ve made so many brake lines now that my tool has worn out and isn’t forming the correct shape on the brake lines anymore so we had to leave it today.

Camper-4 small

No photos of the actual work, but it’s not too interesting anyway. Once we’ve finished the brakes, we’ll make a new clutch hose and fix that on, then we need to fit the new radiator before we put the tank back on. Once all that’s done we need to look at the electrics. The indicators don’t flash properly. I’m hoping it’s a dodgy earth somewhere because I don’t have a clue when it comes to electrics. After all the work we’ve done to this van though, it feels like we’re almost there 🙂

Camper-3 small

I’m looking forward to getting off the floor underneath it and starting to work on the interior inside. I’ll post more about this as it progresses. We’ve been spending a lot more time on it than we have for ages so I’m hoping it’s not too much longer before it’s on the road.