The skatepark is starting to take shape, albeit mostly dirt still. You can tell where the different features are going to be.

The big stairset with ledges either side is going in where these blocks are. I think the blocks mark the ledges rather than the stairs, but either way, it’s bigger than I imagined.


Screenshot 2014-10-23 at 9.25.49 AM


The bowl is really coming along, the coping is almost complete as you can see. I’m really liking the raised corner that doubles as a curved ledge.







This last photo was taken at arms reach over the fence, apologies for it being on the piss.

This is looking down the street section from behind the long quarter at the far end of the render above.



It’s coming along nicely. I’m hoping that the bowl will have progressed a lot more by next week. When they start spraying concrete it’ll really start to take shape.

More updates on this same time next week.