At last it’s getting interesting!

It’s been raining here all week, so rather than go and get more shite photos in the rain, I thought I’d wait a couple of days until it was dry.

Now the drainage is done and most of the droundwork seems to be there, we’re starting to see the park take shape. The bowl coping is starting to come together and there are various sections of breeze blocks. While I was there they were actually bending up the piece of coping for the raised bowl section. Cool!




I’m pretty sure the row of blocks in this photo marks the far end of the street section where there will be a long quarter.



And I’m fairly confident this wall will eventually be the 5 set with the blocks at either side.



It’s amazing how far it has come along in a week. I was chatting to one of the guys working on site and he was saying, realistically it’ll probably be finished around the end of February. I’m looking forward to how far it’ll come on by next week.