Those of you that have known me for the last 10 years will already know I’m quite into cars. I’ve had my fair share, often wacky or unusual. I thought I’d put together a list of all the cars I’ve owned, just for fun really. I didn’t own these all consecutively, a lot of them cross over or I kept while using the others. The list is in the order I got them though.

My first car was a Rover 100. Not that weird. I loved it. It had a 1.4 engine, which didn’t take me long to convert to twin cam.


This car had many phases. I eventually dropped a 1.8 MGF engine in and it went like a rocket. It was by far the fastest car I’ve ever owned. I crashed it twice and repaired it once…

Technically I didn’t buy my second car. I got given an Austin Metro Turbo.


I was into Metros because of my first car and I wanted a project. It was a non-runner and I collected it from a guy in Worthing. As soon as I started stripping it down I realised I didn’t have the skills to save a car this rusty. It’s mothballed away in my workshop for when I retire.

About this time, my brother and I found a VW Camper for sale at a price we couldn’t resist. I had the workshop where we could store it, so we bought it.


It wasn’t meant to be a long term project but life has got in the way and we’re still doing it up. There are loads of funny stories about this van already including one about overtaking people at 70mph on the bypass while towing it home on a 5ft length of rope.


My next car was a 1989 VW Polo. I actually bought this as a runaround while I was rebuilding the Rover after my first crash. I just wanted something cheap with tax and test and this fitted the bill.


At first I didn’t care about it at all, it was just a runabout. I had loads of adventures in it though and I started to like it more and more. The great thing about owning a car you didn’t care about too much is you could do stuff like this and it was hilarious!


I eventually sold the Polo to my good friend, Andrew. While I was looking for a new interesting car, I had a shitty piece of shit Fiesta. I hated it so much I don’t think I took a single photo, I couldn’t find one anywhere. It was a maroon, five door, 1.2 Ford Fiesta. It was so bland and boring. I hated it so much I didn’t want to spend a penny on it so the windscreen wipers were torn to shreds and flailing rubber all over the screen. It was so shit.

Thankfully I found my next car. I still had a love for Metros and I’d alway wanted a Mk1. I found this gem owned by a little old lady in Barnet. It had 9000 miles on the clock from new and it was (and still is) immaculate. Elsie, the previous owner, had bought it new and was 91 when I bought it from her. She cried as we loaded it onto the truck 😦Photo0817_zps898bf91c

I changed a few little things on it, but wanted to keep it fairly original. I put the Minilite wheels on and changed the exhaust but that’s it. I still own this car, it’s my daily driver at the moment. I promised Elsie I wasn’t just going to sell it on for profit, so this one’s a keeper.

I loved my Mk1, but I wanted something a bit more modern to use over winter and keep the mileage down on the Metro. The Daihatsu Mira was my next car.


Probably one of the more wacky cars I’ve owned. It looked so ugly when I first bought it. It had round front headlights and a massive chrome grille, styled like the old Mini. It looked horrendous so I soon changed the front end to the one in the photo above. I loved this car, is was so funky. It had a 660cc turbocharged engine, was intercooled and 4 wheel drive. It also revved to 9000rpm! It sounded nuts when on boost and went like a car with an engine twice the size. The MOT ran out and it had a running problem. I know nothing about turbo’ed engines so eventually I sold it to someone that does. Great fun car to own though.

I’m not really sure why I bought this next one. I was using the Mk1 Metro and the Mira at the time and wanted a retro runabout instead of the Mira, so I bought a Dolomite with no tax or test with a view to using it as a daily.



It was a cool car, it had the 2 litre Sprint engine and running gear, but it needed a lot of work. I pulled the engine out and replaced loads of parts. I fitted a gearbox main oil seal, new clutch, new engine mounts, new exhaust, replaced the waterpump, converted the oil filter to a modern spin-on type and replaced all the bushes in the front suspension. Eventually I got fed up with it sitting around the workshop unused, so I sold it. I wish I’d persevered with it and at least driven it once. It was so cool inside.

At about this time, Voodoo Unicycles was getting bigger and I needed a big car to haul all our gear around. I saw this Golf estate for sale locally and thought it would be ideal.

CAM_0168_zpsd42d1816I loved this car, I went everywhere in it. I love the look of lowered estates and the Golf just suits it so much. This is probably the car I have owned the longest as a general runabout. It is also one of the most reliable cars I’ve even owned. I hardly spent any money on it and it kept going. I only sold it because I needed a van. I sold it to a friend and he sold it to another of my friends. Sometimes I think about buying it back but I think it’s better to experience loads of different cars.

This is what I sold the Golf for. I was pretty happy about it at the time but I had no idea what was to come.

1402049_10151747131457987_1343109049_o_zps87473cfbThe Citroen was almost a bigger heap of shit than the Fiesta. It failed the MOT catastrophically and I spent tons of money getting it through. The biggest kick in the balls was I left Voodoo Unicycles before we’d even used it, so I never even needed to buy it. Oh well.

Since selling the Citroen I have been getting around in the Mk1 Metro and on my bike. That brings us up to this week when I purchased my latest vehicle.


Photo1016It’s a Skoda Felicia pickup. It had no MOT when I bought it but I put it in for one and it only failed on one or two easy bits. I’ve bought it to keep the Metro off the road in winter and so I have something modern that can cope with motorway driving (The Metro only has 4 gears and is scary to drive on the motorway). I’m looking forward to adventures in it 🙂