I know many of my readers will already have seen this, but I couldn’t not post about it.

In this latest film, Danny rides a ridge in the Cuillin Hills in the south of Skye. The reason I’m so stoked on this video is because we went there on the Voodoo Scotland tour and Danny actually goes to some of the exact spots we did. The landscape down there is absolutely stunning, I think it’s the most beautiful place on earth and Cut Media have done such a good job of portraying it. My favourite shot has to be the one at 2:16 where the quad flys towards Danny doing a G-turn and reveals the view. That shot makes me want to cry.

The riding is obviously on point too. Danny never disappoints and this video is no different. It’s nice to see him riding something other than his trials bike, proving he’s a truly great all-round rider. Some of the risks he takes are unbelievable, especially climbing up that rocky outcrop one handed with the bike on his shoulder. It’s well worth it for that money-shot though.

This is the type of video I’d love to make. I love everything about it, the riding, the location, the music, the seals watching him in the boat. Amazing.

I’ll stop talking now. Just watch it!