This week I spent my time doing something a bit different. I went down to Devon to help my friend, Andrew, fit swimming pool covers. Andrew usually works by himself but needed a hand on a couple of big jobs he had booked.
He picked me up Tuesday and we drove down to Bridport for two days where we fitted a couple of covers to existing systems. After we finished at Bridport we went onto Holsworthy and fitted a complete brand new system in the leisure centre there.
The work was interesting and varied, if a little hot. Working fully clothed in a leisure centre is absolutely brutal. Just standing on a ladder drilling holes had the sweat pouring from me. No photos from the first job but I took some from the new system we installed at Holsworthy. I wired in the transformer and electrics while Andrew measured out the columns, drilled the floor to accept the bolts and fitted the motor.

My bit.

The finished article.


We had a hired scissor lift to help us lift the roller onto the columns but we couldn’t get it into the building due to crappy access. It’d be rude not to have a bit of fun with it. In the second photo Andrew had actually taken the key out of the machine so I was stuck up there!



All in all, a great few days doing something different and Andrew only almost fell in the pool once!