When I wrote a blog post about the ghetto skatespot on a piece of wasteground in Dunstable, I never dreamed I’d write an updated post about it. However, I went up to the site today on a pikey mission to find a length of tube for a wood burner I’m making and discovered that not only is the spot still there, it’s thriving. As well as the wooden manny pads and kickers made from old doors, there’s now concrete up there too! I snapped a few photos of the concrete additions on my phone.

First up is this flatbank/kicker. Built up using the plentiful supply of rubble on the site and finished with a slab and a layer of cement top and bottom.


Next is this nice looking grindbox/manny pad. I really like this, it looks sweet to ride. I didn’t have a good look at it but I imagine it’s filled with rubble. The coping is cast into the concrete too. I love the paintwork on this, nice touch!Photo0955

Last is this mogul type thing. Looks fun, if a little small for a bike/unicycle. The concrete has been really nicely finished on it though and almost looks like the concrete at any proper public skatepark. Props to the builder.


I absolutely love seeing stuff like this. I’m sure I said this in the first post about this spot but I love the DIY attitude and the passion that drives people to go out there and spend their time (and money) on creating things like this. I wish everyone could see how hard the skaters work to maintain their scene.

The build of the Dunstable skatepark starts next Monday, so it’s nice to see the skate scene is alive and well already. Part of me wonders if having a ready-made skatepark will be the end of a tightly knit community that will come together to create something like the ghetto spot. I hope not. Time will tell.