So this is it, the final volume of Eddstagram – Roadtrip Edition. To get the full story, go to the beginning.

This last set of photos is set to the sweet sound of Alien Ant Farm. A staple in the CD changer while on the trip.

It was our penultimate day at Puds’ before we headed to Pittsburgh and we had planned to go out for a nice meal. Just before we headed out it absolutely hammered down with rain. I’ve never seen rain that heavy before. It looked like you wouldn’t be able to breath if you went out in it.



In the UK if it rained like that, it would continue for hours but in Pennsylvania it lasted 10 minutes and then stopped as suddenly as it started. Then the heat dried it all up almost straight away. It was so weird to see mist like this in the evening.



We went to a hibachi restaurant. I’m gutted I didn’t get the guy in this shot but I wasn’t even sure it was going to come out. For some reason we all decided to get cocktails.


Pud has a Boss 302 Mustang and had promised us a ride out in it. On our last evening at his, he obliged. The car is a thing of beauty. I’m not really into Yank tanks but I’ve got to admit, I do love that car.

USA-73Pud keeps it in his basement, so when he brought it out into the humid evening air it got condensation all over it. He spent a good 10 minutes wiping it down before we all jumped in and went for a spin.


It sounds absolutely awesome. Pud took us on a mini tour of his local area at speeds that would have landed us a much more expensive ticket had there been any cops around. The sun was just going down which made for some epic sunset scenery too.


On the way back we stopped off at a cruise. Now, when you think of a cruise in the UK, you imagine loads of chavvy boyracer types doing handbrake turns in Macdonalds carpark. In The States it was a load of old guys with classic 70’s muscle cars. Sam was in heaven.

There was a small gas station and diner at the cruise so we stopped for a beer and a chat with the owner, Mike. We had some proper American beer in proper American cans. ‘MURICA!



It was our last day at Puds’, we were headed to Pittsburgh that evening where we had booked a hotel for the night. We wanted to get Pud a birthday/thank you present and there was only one obvious thing to get him.

During our big night out in Montreal we ended up in a gay strip club. We had some hilarious photos of all of us with the strippers, so we decided to get one blown up and framed. We were slightly concerned about how the photo lab people in Walmart were going to react when they saw the picture, but they didn’t seem phased. This was Robs’ reaction when he saw the finished article for the first time.


USA-86After Pud finished work, we all drove into Pittsburgh and checked into our hotel. Pud was going to show us a few cool bars in the city for our last night in The States. We booked the hotel on and it turned out to be really nice and really cheap. It was a 4 star hotel and we got it for $120 for all four of us!

Our room was on the 26th floor, which was pretty cool. Once we’d checked in, we dumped our stuff in the room and headed out for dinner.


There’s a lot to say about the night out, too much to mention here but I’ll try and condense it. We accidentally went to the most expensive restaurant in Pittsburgh and spent $350 on four steaks, went to a German brewery and played drinking games with loads of hot girls, put loads of really bad music on a jukebox in a bar, got into a breakdance battle with a load of black guys, got a limo to a strip club  and somehow got the driver to take us back to the hotel too.


What a way to end our stay with Pud. The next day we had an entire day to kill in Pittsburgh. We were catching the greyhound back to New York for our flight home but it wasn’t due to leave till 10pm. I was so hungover I’m amazed I managed to take any photos of this day. After wandering around the city for a bit we went to a cinema and watched two films just so I could sleep in the back row.


Luckily we’d got an overnight Greyhound to New York which meant we got plenty of sleep on the bus. We awoke to an amazing sunrise over Manhattan. No photo of that I’m afraid, but we did get to see Times Square at 6:30am which was pretty cool.

USA-92After a brief stop at Maccys (The Times Square one, of course) for breakfast we jumped in a cab and headed for JFK. Now, there’s another great story about our cabbie.

When we got to the airport, the driver jumped out and went to the boot to unload our luggage. Just as we were getting out, the cabbie took out a suitcase and the taxi suddenly jumped into reverse. It was an automatic so it started driving backwards, almost running the driver down. He shouted ‘Oh, god!’ and started trying to push the cab to stop it from smashing into a load of bollards just behind the car. Luckily Sam had been sitting in the front passenger seat and quickly jumped back in and slipped it into park.

I’ve got to admit, seeing that guys futile attempt to push a car that was driving towards him in reverse with no-one in it was hilarious. I’m glad we could laugh it off, we had a good old chuckle about it with the cabbie afterwards. Hopefully he’ll put it in park next time!

USA-93So, we finish where we started. In an airport. Sadly that’s not our plane, we flew Icelandair which has much smaller planes. We did manage to somehow blag premium economy seats on the flight home though, result!


If you’ve made it this far, I congratulate you. This has been the biggest Eddstagram so far and I can’t see me doing another one of this scale for a long time. Usually I just do one film at a time. There’s always the next trip though……