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Volume 4 is brought to you by DJ Hazard. This sums up Rob’s state of mind for almost a week after the festival.


We had a week left of our trip and before we left we researched music festivals. We wanted to meet real American people and we thought a music festival would be a great way to do that. The only decent looking festival that was on at the right time was Philadelphia Folk Festival. None of us are into folk music, but it wasn’t really the music we were going to see.

We decided to head down to the festival and see what it was like before taking the plunge and buying tickets.  We got there and it looked pretty good, loads of young people, so we parked the car and headed off to find the ticket office. USA-57

While waiting for the shuttle to take us from the carpark to the festival ground, we got chatting to a guy called Damien. He was a festival veteran and had been going for 26 years. He explained that he stays in a camp called Mortville and that we were welcome to come and join them if we liked.

Needless to say, we couldn’t turn down an offer like that, so we found ourselves staying in Mortville for the duration of the festival.


I could write an entire blog post about the festival, but I’ll keep it short. We met so many lovely people at the folk fest. Rob had the best night of his life, Sam got REALLY high and smiled a lot and I did an impromptu unicycle show. We also watched a circus act and did a lot of chilling.



This is Fritz’s bar. It’s a modified cooler fitted with taps and all plumbed up to barrels of his own homebrew.





Big thanks to the Mortville family for putting us up. MOOOORT!

After the festival we planned to head back to Puds’ for the last few days. He wanted to take us out in Pittsburgh and we were looking forward to a few days to wind down before our flight back home. It was the last leg of our journey, we’d done 3500 miles and less than 10 miles from Puds’ house, this happened.


Speeding. The cop told us he’d clocked us at 77mph but I’m not so sure. We were in a 60 limit and in Eddie if you’re doing 77mph, you know about it. He wrote 64mph on the ticket to ‘help us with the fine’, which turned out to be $5.75. We had to go to court to pay it and once they’d hit us with what seemed like a load of made-up charges and fees, it was $166!

I’ve got to admit, as well as seeing a familiar face, one of the best things about being back at Puds’ was tea. I love how everything Pud owns has a Union flag on it.

USA-67It was also nice to have some clean clothes. We had done some washing in Montreal, but that was over a week ago and we’d just spent 4 days living in a field with a load of hippies.


One thing I do love about Puds’ local area is how weird and hick it is. This is the liquor store where you have to go if you want to buy spirits. For some crazy reason you can’t just buy them in the supermarket.


This is a building that was just around the corner from the court when we went to pay the speeding ticket. It’s actually still a hardware shop which you enter by going up the steps on the left hand side.



This bridge goes across the river at Steubenville. It’s so dangerous and isn’t even tarmacked. The road surface is a metal grate, if you dropped your keys they’d go straight through and fall into the river below. Pud told us that if you get stuck at the lights at either end, you can feel the whole bridge swinging around!USA-81


The next few days were spent exploring the local area, bird watching and relaxing. After 3 weeks of moving around it was nice to stay in one place for more than 2 days.USA-82



In the final instalment, Pud takes us for a ride in his Mustang, we have a night out in Pittsburgh and go to New York. Check it out here!