Defect is widely regarded as one of the most influential unicycling DVD’s of all time. Shot by Dan Heaton, it was released in 2005. I didn’t actually see it until around 2010. I had just got over the ‘honeymoon period’ of unicycling where you try and watch every single video out there and intake as much information as you can and for that reason, Universe and Universe 2 were my bibles.

The difference with Defect is that unicycling was really starting to develop as a sport. The first round of blue framed KH unicycles appear in the video, whereas in the Universe videos, everyone was riding crappy unicycles that really weren’t designed for jumping around. I think it marks a turning point in the sport and definitely has a well deserved place in the history of our weird one-wheeled pastime.

Big respect to Dan for giving it out for free.