You know the score by now. Check out Volume 1 & 2 to get upto speed with the trip so far.

I chose this track for this set purely for the night out we had at The Cellar (See below).

You join us on a cycle ride somewhere in the Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada. Rob’s looking at a pigeon.


To be fair to Rob, there was loads of cool wildlife. We were told not to leave any food out because of the bears and the night before we’d heard wolves howling as the sun went down. It was such a haunting but amazing sound that will stay with me for many years to come.
During our ride I spotted a big pile of rusty, twisted metal that used to be a sawmill. I pushed through the undergrowth because I loved the way it looked and wanted to take a photo. Just as I was framing my shot, this little guy hopped out of the trees right into my frame. Nice!

After a day of cycling we cooled off in the lake opposite our camp. Perfect end to a great day.




The next day we headed for Niagara Falls. On the way out of Algonquin we stopped for breakfast at this little roadside cafe. Inside was filled with cool old stuff hanging from the ceiling. There were snow mobiles, old bikes, roadsigns and all sorts of other nic-nacs.

Obligatory Niagara Falls shots.
We heeded all the advice we were given and saw it from the Canadian side. The American side looked shit.




That night involved lots of coffee, another 450 miles and a 5:30am arrival back in Montreal the next morning. Basically, we had planned to drive from Niagara to Toronto and get a motel but apparently there was an ice hockey match on and we couldn’t find a motel with rooms free, so we just kept driving.

Once UNICON had finished we headed back to the US to continue the roadtrip. Our first stop was the Adirondack State Park in upstate New York.

It’s a mountainous place and the rivers and lakes were really cool. We found out about Buttermilk Falls from a local museum we visited.

The water was so cool and refreshing. I found a bit I could kind of stand under and had a shower.

There’s a pretty random story about our stay in the Adirondacks.
While we were signing in to the State Campground, the guy on reception, Mike, said to us: ‘I’ve got something you guys are gunna love,’ At first I thought he was going to wind us up about bears being in the campsite but he preceded to tell us about a bar called The Cellar.
It turns out that the Adirondacks are full of kids summer camps and there just happened to be one less than a mile down the road. Every Wednesday night The Cellar had a $1 beer night and all the camp workers go down there and get hammered. He told us if we wanted to meet girls, that was the place to go. We took his advice and went down there. We had dinner and went and sat at the bar. I have to admit I was really sceptical, the place was full of locals and old people. We waited it out and had a few dollar beers and sure enough, at bang on 10pm, a bus pulled up outside and all of a sudden the bar was rammed with girls! The girl/boy ratio must have been at least 5/1. Needless to say, it was a great night. Nice one Mike!
I took this photo just before we headed down to The Cellar.

While we were in the area we also visited Lake Placid. We didn’t see any giant alligators but we did go to the winter Olympic stadium from 1980. There were a load of good looking girls ice skating inside.
While we were there Sam wanted a haircut so we stopped at a small salon. The woman who owned the place and cut his hair was actually German. The bloke on the left is American but lives in London and owns a holiday home in Lake Placid. I loved meeting random people like this and listening to their stories. I was a bit gutted this shot came out super grainy.

We left the Adirondacks filled with new stories and headed south to Philadelphia. We had rough plans to go to a folk festival we’d seen online before the holiday. We still weren’t 100% sure we were going to go but we thought we’d drive down to Philly to see if it was worth going.
We broke the drive up over two days and stopped in a motel on the way. It was a really nice place that was right on a lake. This was the view from our room.

That’s all for Volume 3. In Volume 4 we attend Philly Folk Fest and make tons of new friends.