This is the next 15 photos from our Canadian roadtrip adventure. For any readers that haven’t seen Vol 1, I shot all of these on an old Canon film camera. I haven’t tweaked them in post, this is how they came from the scanner.

The track to accompany Volume 2 is College & Electric Youth – A Real Hero.

Since Montreal is such an amazing city for cycling, we thought it’d be rude not to hire bikes for a day and explore. This was a ‘leg adjusting’ break outside a church.


The cycle hire place told us it’d be worth going up the Mont to see the city from the top. They weren’t wrong. It took us over an hour to get to the top and all you could see from the track was trees, but once we got to the top the view was worth it!




After Montreal we hit the road again. This time we were headed for the Algonquin Provincial Park. Another 6 hours in the car saw some epic roadtrip scenes.



When we arrived at the edge of the park we stopped to find out where we could camp. The light was really cool so I snapped a photo of Eddie.

By the time we’d found a campsite and registered it was getting pretty dark. We ended up having to put the tent up and cook dinner in Eddies headlights.

We woke up the next day and cooked an entire pack of bacon for breakfast. Mmmmmm bacon!

Our tent was a stones throw from a lake. A pretty nice setting for our first Canadian camping experience.

All three of us love cycling, so we decided to hire mountain bikes to explore the park with. Unfortunately all the normal mountain bikes were already out so we had to take the stupid fat bikes. They were fun for about 2 minutes around the carpark. After a few miles we were absolutely knackered!


We had to make frequent stops so Rob could look at birds.

Continued in Vol 3.