So here it is, the first of many instalments of my US and Canadian roadtrip in photos. I’m going to post 15 at a time so it doesn’t take hours to read each post.
All of these were taken on film using my Canon T70. All the films were expired, so some have come out better than others. I haven’t done any post on these, this is how they came out of the scanner.

I’ve decided to add tracks from our actual roadtrip CDs so you can listen to them while looking at the photos to get a real feel for what it was like.

So, our trip began at Sam’s Mum’s house. Her partner actually took this one, so I’m blaming him for the soft focus.

After a quick pint at Heathrow we boarded the plane, excited for the month ahead. What an amazing start to the trip!

Our first stop was Iceland. We had an 18 hour layover. Everything was super expensive, including the transfer bus to Reykjavik so we opted to stay in the airport. This is Sam and Rob asleep on the benches in the departure lounge.

To kill time in Iceland we bought the most exotic looking beer in duty free. It was made with Icelandic berries…or something.

The first stop once we were in the US was at my friends, Pud. He lives in Ohio and we were borrowing his car for the roadtrip to Canada. We caught a greyhound to Pittsburgh to meet him and this is the first thing we saw when we got off the bus.

Pud’s house is awesome. He has a hanger in the garden with all sorts of cool looking things in it.



We spent a day at Puds’, relaxing after travelling for the best part of three days.

Pud let us borrow his Ford Explorer for the trip to Canada. We thought it’d be cool to get a ‘before’ photo with the car prior to setting off. This was the first time I’d used the self timer on the Canon. Good job I took the instruction book with me!

The drive from Puds’ to Montreal was 650 miles. We saw so many things along the way but the one thing that stood out was a creepy little town that we drove through looking for petrol. All the houses looked like they were straight out of a horror film.

This was a frequent sight during the entire trip. Every time Rob saw a bird (of the avian variety) he whipped out the binoculars. The best time was when he actually chased butterflies while looking through them.

As well as stopping for Rob to look at wildlife, we also had to stop for gas. A lot. Eddie (The Explorer) has a 5 litre V8 and got an average of 16MPG on the interstates. He sounded good though!

By the time we arrived in Montreal we’d travelled through four countries and picked up the currency to prove it. This is Sam and I sorting out our wallets. Going to pay for our poutine and pulling out a fistful of Icelandic krona was getting annoying.

Sadly, we couldn’t get away from the rain or the traffic, even in Canada. This is us, in a traffic jam, in the pouring rain, in Montreal.

More to come in Vol 2!