Roadtrip crew assemble!


It was finally here. We booked the trip back in January and it seemed so long away at the time. The time flew by and before we knew it, we were sitting on the plane at Heathrow waiting to take off. It was a really nice, sunny evening and it felt like the beginning of something good.



Our first flight was to Iceland. To save money we flew to Keflavik airport and had a 17 hour wait. By the time we landed it was late and we were all tired and hungry, so we went off to get something to eat before finding somewhere to sleep.

We found a pizza place and ordered a pizza and a beer each. Stupidly, we asked what the barmaid recommended and Robert and I ended up with 11.5% stout. In the end that turned out to be a good thing because the best place we found to sleep was on a bench opposite Victoria’s Secret in the departure lounge. Unfortunately for us, we hadn’t got a grip on the exchange rate yet and when we got the bill it was almost 10k Icelandic Krona or £50!


After getting some interrupted sleep, we needed to find a way to kill 12 hours. We couldn’t go to Reykjavik because the bus from the airport was 3500 Krona and we’d already spent most of our money on pizza and beers.

The only thing for it was buy more beers. We found some really cool beer with Icelandic berries. The picture on the can was a Viking wearing shades, so it was the obvious choice.



After spending almost 18 hours in the departure lounge we eventually caught our flight to Newark. We jumped in a cab as soon as we landed and headed to the greyhound station. It was great to see Sam and Robert’s reactions as we drove through Newark in the taxi. Neither of them have been to the States before and I think they were both in a state of culture shock.



We hopped on the Greyhound and spent a further 8 hours on the bus, arriving at Pittsburgh at 6am this morning, tired but relieved that the long journey to Puds was over.

DSC00111After a spot of breakfast where Rob got the biggest, sweetest mocha known to man all over his face, we stopped off at the drive through cash machine so that Pud could get some money. ‘Merica!