This is my 100th post!
It’s been approaching for a while and I’ve been trying to think of a good subject for it but all of a sudden it’s here and I haven’t thought of anything that seemed worthy. I hope this is interesting enough.

This week my aunt and cousins have come down to stay with us from Caithness, Scotland. Louis, who is 9, has been trying to learn to ride a unicycle but with no-one to give him pointers, it’s been a struggle. I asked him to show me how he was doing and he had actually almost cracked it. He could ride along a wall, only needing to touch it occasionally for balance. The only thing he was doing wrong was looking down at the floor. Once I’d pointed this out to him, he was away!


I took him up the skatepark so he could practice on a nice smooth, open space. In no time at all he had mastered turning and now, a couple of days later, he’s even riding down the slope from the street section into the bowl.
Watching Louis riding around, waving his arms frantically, took me back to when I learned to ride. I remember how frustrating it was, especially learning to freemount, which took Louis a day. A DAY!


I also thought about all the possibilities and opportunities he’s unknowingly opened up just by learning to ride a unicycle. I have done so much, been to so many places and met so many people just through riding. Even if he doesn’t take it up, he’s still leaned a skill that has the potential to change his entire life. It makes me feel a bit warm and fuzzy to know I taught him something like that. I love sharing skills and knowledge, if you have something you can teach someone, I’d highly recommend it.

Future street champion?
Future UK street champion?