It’s been a while since Eddstagram and since then my film camera collection has slowly been growing.


I shot Eddstagram V2 on a canon T70 which used to belong to my Grandad. There was already a film in the camera and 9 frames had already been exposed. I was excited to find out what they were, but when I got the film developed they turned out to be my brother, Alfred, messing about with the camera.

Oh well, here’s the best of the ones I took.

I went for a ride and stumbled across this meadow. The buttercups were growing all along the path where everyone walked. I thought it looked really cool.

I REALLY love social documentary and I’ve always wanted to try it. This is probably the closest I’ve ever come to getting a decent shot. This is my tutors looking through my friends work at college.

I took this during a break while out riding. This was the first time in months I’d been out on the muni and I was just appreciating being outside in nature.

I love summer just because you can sit outside at lunchtime. This was me relaxing one lucnhtime at college. Even Dunstable can be nice when the sun’s out.

I was up the skatepark one evening chatting to a friend. We weren’t even riding. This amazing cloud starting taking shape and then the sun started going down, turning it this sweet shade of orange/red.